Productive Egg

For some time we have been unable to offer Egg Tricks, owing to shortage of Eggs. Now, however, we have made a tremendous quantity and can freely offer them again.

You show a large cloth bag with a net corner, and to prove there is no deception you turn it inside out, and then back again. However when you make a noise like a hen, an egg rolls into the corner of the bag ! This is rather surprising, so you try the experiment again, and another egg appears. You take them out and put them on a plate. Then you produce another and still yet another egg, until you have quite a plateful ! !

This is hilarious entertainment, especially when eggs are scarce. If you work it for kiddies you will have them shouting at the top of their voices "make one for me—make one for me—and me".

The bag is beautifully made and can be turned inside out at any time during the performance.

Complete with Six Plastic Eggs and Bag.

PRICE 30/-

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could have a variation on the wonderful Chinese Ring trick. Here at long last is your answer.

From the Continent comes the idea for this effect, and it will literacy make the spectators' hair stand on end, with its truly uncanny effect.

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