Production Tubes

Although the sketches accompanying this article may serve to fully convey the idea of the "New Design" Production Tubes, a word or two may nor be out of place.

it will be seen that the apparatus consists of a square tube, so designed that a goodly portion of the front has been cut away, to afford a clear view inside the tube. This 'cut-out' takes the form of a circle, or, to be more correct, three quarters of a circle.

A second tube is required, slightly smaller in width, so that it may fit comfortably inside its twin, but, in length, this should be slightly longer. A third requisite, which rhe audience never sees, is the load container. This, it will be noted takes the form of a square box, mounted on thin rods, or legs.

The whole apparatus is nested to begin with, rhe container inside the taller or inner

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