Production Rabbits

We have just produced a NEW and SUPER MODEL. Much larger than previously and absolutely LIFELIKE ! !

Hand made in Real Tame Rabbits' Fur. These Rabbits are mostly White, and the fur is in the natural state—not clipped. Real Fur Ears and Tail, and most life-like. A ring in the shoulders and base holds them out, and when collapsed thev go easily into a closed opera hat, without being noticed. I could give the names of many famous magicians who use my make of Rabbit. No children's show is ever complete without a Vampire Rabbit. Many a performer would have "saved his bacon" if he could reply: "Yes" on being asked, as soon as he got inside the front door, by an anxious hostess: "I do hope you have brought a Rabbit as I have already told the children you will produce a RABBIT OUT OF THE HAT" ('Nuff said).

price so/.


Now in stock. While they last you can get one for your Winter Shows. Exact'y as previously advertised. Automatic 'no fail' Electric Lighting. Changes instantly to Bowl of Flowers, 8" diameter, spun in gleaming copper.

Vampire DOVE PAN

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