Pro Bono Mgico

The Motto of the Vampire Club.

The Vampires were nesting again at their usual haunt on the evening of April 30th last This was, I think, the first meeting at which Max, our usual chairman, was unable to be present. Claude Manley undertook to conduct the evening's entertainment and opened the meeting with a greeting to two provincial visitors — Mr. Hallywell of Reading and Mr, Thornton from Plymouth. Claude had organised a surprise item which was most amusing and seemed to me the ideal way of getting members on their feet.

Numbered slips of paper were handed to each of those present. Six members were then called and the victims were handed a package each containing an effect and the usual instructions. After a few minutes study they were called upon to demonstrate to the fortunate members who were not called up.

I have said the fortunate members who were not called — that is wrong. I think it is those called who were fortunate. They were given the chance to perform at short notice and to get away with that is an enormous boost to self-confidence.

I should like to see this experiment continued at every meeting - I think it would be a great stimulant to the fundamental purpose of the Club — self entertainment.

During the second half of the evening we were ab!e to sit back and enjoy ourselves — The Watford Association of Magicians had come to entertain us.

Wally Cent took over as compere and opened with a most interesting talk on the Watford Association. He told how two enthusiasts meeting in a pub in the High Street four years back have grown to a membership of about 24. How they became so lost in the art of magic that they did not consume enough beer to please the Publican and were forced to seek refuge in a hall close by the church yard — what a setting for magic at the midnight hour.

After this little talk the team, comprising Wally Cent, Doug. Eden, "Michael", John Thornton and Ceo. Peake, put on one of the finest shows we have had so far. It will be impossible to give a detailed account of such a slick and varied presentation, so, just the high spots of each artist which I think got full marks.

John Thornton's production box worked to the story of an artist's thoughts. Doug. Eden got many laughs with a most amusing Chinese story — skilfully using all his effects to illustrate the story.

"Michael". Well he demonstrated how he learnt juggling and then switched to a first class vent. act.

Wally Gent convinced us that he could stop and start his pulse at will and still remain alive and, sublime to ridiculous used an egg whistle as a thought projector.

Finally the versatile Geo. Peake getting a great laugh at the end of his act by presenting the Four Aces just as the famous Arthur English would do it were he a magician!

We shall never get a better show and I think in compliment to Watford Association of Magicians I shall, whenever I think a thing is first rate, borrow the initial letter of the club and refer to it as a WAM.

What a pity our May meeting is the last of the season!


NOTE.—The Vampire Club is now closed for the Summer season to allow magicians and its organisers to have a holiday. The re-opening date in the Autumn will be announced at a later date, and we would like to take this opportunity of wishing all members a good Summer Season and Happy Holiday.—Max.

(Continued from case of not rushing into the job, and it payed dividends. Take as your motto then—"Always be patient, but ever persistent."

It's always something to think about. But Press Publicity is a big thing. To cover it adequately would need the whole of The Magic Magazine. It is my intention merely

to pick out one or two salient features. Roundabout will pay another visit to the news department. We will be taking in some of the best ways to obtain publicity: how to write to editors, and probably reminiscing on some of the magical stories which have paid dividends in recent years.

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