Pro Bono Magico

—which being interpreted means " For the Good of Magic."

The Vampires met as usual on the last Friday in March and what a Friday it was as far as the weather was concerned. A bitter Northeaster to prove the adage about March— Lambs and Lions and things.

I think it must have been this icy blast that brought the attendance down to below average — some of the Vampires went back into hibernation, and we only counted 53 members present. The Vampires are doing well in producing new juniors, however, as Lenz opened the meeting by announcing the arrival of a baby daughter to Helen Andrews, the second birth I think, to be celebrated during this season.

Lenz put on another Brains Trust composed of Eddie Songest, Sonny Paul and Roy Margetts, with Claude Manley in the chair.

I believe space is going to be short in this issue, so I shall only mention what I felt to be the most interesting question, put by Max: " Is there anything wrong with Magic, and if so, what is it? "

What food for thought in the answers given. Alleged conjurors with lack of originality, harm done by amateurs hurrying with effects they cannot master, lazy conjurors using nothing but stock routines! Summing up, it was given that the same trick should be refreshingly different in the hands of different skilled artists. Perhaps I should mention one other question—" What is the best means to be adopted to stop exposure? " I should have replied in no uncertain terms that it will never be stopped, but one answer came over loud and clear and I think it is the only way— " Shoot the exposer!

The evening was concluded with a short entertainment. First to appear was Norman Harvey, who exercised his influence over Corks, Billiard Balls and cards.

Ivor Cole performing at a Vampire Club Show.

David Graham, from the Zodiac Society, gave a really first rate display with Cards, Fan Productions and Manipulation. I get the same thrill to-day as I did when a small boy in watching good card manipulation.

It was agreed by one and all that David knew how to make the paste boards dance to his tune.

In his final chat, Max stressed that he would like each member to bring at least one magicial friend along to the next meeting, as there are numbers who have not yet been introduced to the extremely friendly atmosphere which prevails.


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At the point where the coin has, apparently, been placed beneath the right foot and the coin is finger-palmed, as the body is being straightened, the right hand, just for a second is level with the top of the trouser turn-up or cuff. Believe it or not, the penny is deliberately dropped into the turn-up (See Figure 11), leaving the hands entirely empty, which fact can be emphasised to the audience. The finale of the effect is the same, but this little touch adds just that something different, which thus allows the magician to break the rule of never performing a trick more than once to the same audience.

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