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papers, Cigarettes and Coins you can imagine that his act was not lacking in variety so I will refrain from special mention of individual items. He has I understand, had quite a lot of Music Hall experience, having travelled extensively with an all Juvenile show in the past.

GEOFFREY DA WE appeared this time as a performer, instead of a lecturer as on the last occasion. I could not detect vast quantities of SELLOTAPE supporting his props but I'll bet it was there in secret. His act was predominantly humorous. For instance he displayed two little flash bulbs—one attached to each shoe—so that as an opening gambit he was able to announce that he had brought along his own footlights. His amusing patter was thoroughly enjoyed as he bewildered us with Ropes, Cards, Stamps, etc. His presentation of the Record and Pencil penetration was first rate.

In my last notes I mentioned that DOUGLAS FRANCIS was present and that I was not sure if he had been signed up as a member. Well, it appears that he has and that he had sportingly offered to oblige with a show. DOUGLAS is a well known professional artiste whom we are proud to have as a member. There is no need for me to detail his act—the presentation was naturally perfect and again with plenty of sparkling humour. His blind card stab was, I thought, the high spot.

In conclusion we had the pleasure of watching a unique act by THOMAS SHINE AND SON. Unique by virtue of the fact that these two artistes are deaf and dumb. What pluck it must take to go on and entertain people with such a handicap. They gave us an excellent show that included the production and vanish of five live doves—shades of the old music hall items. In conclusion they made metaphorical rings round the normal cobbler. Whereas the shoe mender in Chu Chin Chow "cobbled all day and cobbled all night" THOMAS SHINE re-soled a pair of shoes instantaneously !

So ended another interesting and jolly meeting.


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