Pro Bono Magico

Report of Meeting held

Forgive the cliche—"How Time Flies". It seems hard to realise that the meeting on Friday, March 27th. brought us to within two meetings of the end of the season of wizardry.

Lenz was in the chair as it appeared that Max had deserted his humble folk and was away eating in magnificent style—'twas the night of the Magic Circle Banquet—I'll bet they didn't eat Latex chickens, or rabbits out of hats.

Shall we sort of chew over our sour grapes with beer and sandwiches, and tell him that we had a most successful evening.

Lenz gave a cordial welcome to all and especially to visitors from Leeds, Torquay, Cornwall and Oxford. Nice to think that the club is living up to one of it's aims and providing a meeting place for country cousins.

The meeting was then thrown open for general discussion, based on the theme— "What can the Dealers do to make life perfect for the poor wizard".

Naturally this opened a wide field and Lenz was soon bombarded with questions on such varied things as catalogues, closing times, prices, quality, etc. Lenz stood up well to the barrage and proved thar the dealer was doing a good job of work whilst taking note of constructive ideas.

One important question was raised which affects the club, and that was as to the desire for trade shows at our meetings. A vote was recorded in favour of rhe inclusion of such demonstrations every alternate month.

Responding to a question on close up effects, Lenz slipped straight into a masterly impromptu display. A borrowed ring found its way from his closed left hand into his right. Both hands were covered with a handkerchief and sealed with elastic bands . Added to which, each wrist was held by a spectator.

As an encore he gave the single handed knot in handkerchief.

After a short interval Claud Manley stepped into his usual office as Compere for the Cabaret, though why he should pick on yours truly to appear and put me on first, I have yet to find out. I have never done you any harm Claude!

on Friday, March 27th.

Clarence Thorne followed with a Vent, act and may I say how much we enjoyed his novel idea of producing a conjuring dummy. That dummy was very rude to his master all through the act, and the finish was marred by the jolting of the table, allowing the audi-ience to see more coloured balls at one time than was originally intended. I suspect that dummy of sabotage—however it got a good laugh.

Phil. Wye then took the floor, starting with a cut rope effect as it would be presented by Cyril Fletcher i.e. to a background of typical Fletcher type verse.

A giant four card "Find the Lady' 'effect, three versions of dual sympathy and orher card effects were included in his act . I liked the topical twist of changing a penny into a half-crown one puts on the horse that finishes last in the Derby but half of the sort of crown one sees on the heads of monarchs!

Freddie Firth concluded the evening, but I don't think space will allow me to deal adequately with his contribution . He started with a paper cutting version of squaring the the circle. An easy six card effect founded on Football Pool Coupon technique, and a first class display of the colour change deck were included. I must mention a fine idea of using a dealers catalogue for a book test. He invited a helper to open it at any page and was, of course quite safe in stating that the sentence "Positively no threads, no wires, no sleights, etc., would be found on the page!

Also his greyhound "Doodles"—a poor dog who had to be torn limb from limb, in order to satisfy the vet. The pieces were thrown into a box and Doodles re-appeared fit enough to win the race.

Summing up, I suppose the cabaret was marked out on that evening by an unusual quota of humorous patter of good standard.

I am glad to hear that my suggestion of a comperition night is to be tried. Don't let me down—a 100% support please for our next night on May 29th.

Pleasant illusions.

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