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Straight- from our Winning Stable comes this greatest of all Laughter Gags.


Lovers of Comedy will of course lap this up. It's hilarious in effect and situation.

When performing a difficult experiment in paper cutting, aided by a spectator, the magician accidentally gets his scissors under spectator's tie . . . AND CUTS IT OFF !

Consternation reigns . . . and gives way to frantic laughter as they see the victims face ! Apologetically the magician demonstrates how easily the tie cuts . . . and as he does so, HE CHOPS LITTLE PIECES OFF ! ! He even cuts off the remainder of the tie. as it is obviously no use.

A good stooge can obviously play up to this part of the trick, and magician can leave him standing on one side, whilst he proceeds with the next trick!

Eventually magician restores the tie IN A FLASH ! Everyone is happy.

This trick is very easy to do and is almost self working. Sufficient for a number of shows. Refil's available at a reasonable ^


PRICE 21/-

Freddie Harris

This Month's Cover Picture

Freddie Harris a Londoner, was given his first box of tricks at the age of nine—he has been magic-making ever since. Whilst at college he showed considerable acting ability and in his own words, he was "stage-struck" Determined to make the theatre his career, he went to a Drum school and formed a dance band. The proceeds from this and semi-professional entertaining with magic at Masonic Dinners, coupled with his daytime occupation, helped him to further his line of attack. He took an intensive course at a well-known Dramatic Academy, and two long years were spent in studying elocution, deportment, repose, in short, the technique of the theatre. He also went to a West End singing master during this period. His early days were occupied haunting the agents offices—-frustrating days with innumerable obstacles to surmount—the inevitable auditions—reading parts for plays in competition with maybe fifty other aspiring young actors. He actually spent six months in Carnages conjuring department at one time. However, after the initial battle, Freddie made his first real professional appearance on the legitimate stage in "Dinner At Eight" with the famous star Jose Collins and later appeared with Elizabeth Bergner in "The Boy David" at Her Majesty's Theatre, London Nevertheless, his love of trickery led him to cabaret and by 1938 he was performing in London's best niteries such as Quaglinos, Romanos, the Coconut Crove, the Savoy Hotel and of course the many Bottle Parties that then abounded in town, such as the Havana and Hambone clubs. He was also Televising regularly, actually every month and appeared in the first Radio Olympia Television show. Freddie was also a frequent visitor at the Film Studios and arranged several magical sequences in British films and coached Gordon Harker in a series of tricks in one film. In retrospect, Freddie visited Vienna in 1936 and stayed for a long period.

He has some facinating stories of gay pre-war Vienna with its fabulous State Ball and Opera Ball. Incidentally, whilst in Vienna, Freddie gave a demonstration of card mani-putation at Wien Magischen Klub and was made an honorary member.

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