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october, 1953.


This Month's Cover Picture.

Fritz Olai has been a regular visitor to the British Ring Conventions from Denmark, since 1946, and is very popular over here. He performs a wonder silk act called "Symphony in Silk", which he evolved in 1937 and performed at the Frankfurt Convention in Germany in 1938.

He started his ¡merest in magic at the very early age of 8 years old, having been presented with the proverbial box of tricks. He must have made quick progress however, for he told us that he gave his first show to children in the same year, and charged them a penny each to watch!

Fritz is 43 years of age so that makes him a professional for 35 years—surely a record !

He first came to this country in 1946, when the Convention was at Hereford, and his magic was greatly admired as being the expression of the true artist and professional. Since then he has attended many Conventions, and become a member of several Danish, British and American Societies. He was for twelve years President of the Danish Magic Circle, which shows what magicians think of him in his own country.

His private business interests are in the textile industry and it is nor unusual for his clients, when they fearn of his prowess, to expect him to produce unlimited silks for them by magic !

His best engagement is for four weeks each year, when he is booked for rhe Atlantic Hotel in Copenhagen. This he has played for the last three years and will be back again this year.

We asked him about his favourite tricks, and he said primarily The Floating Cane. We have seen him present this in the past, and hfc does it superbly, with a secret and baffling method. For close-up magic he chooses the Three Shell Came, a choice the writer heartily agrees with.

Convention-al good wishes, Fritz, for continued success, from all of us.




ROUNDABOUT by Alan Kennaugh Page 181

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