FLASH PAPER—a few sheets only 1/- each

RUBBER GUINNESS BOTTLES—Printed labels 3/- each

PLASTIC BILLIARD BALLS (or Shells).—If diameter and If" diameter 5/- each

FINEST CIGARETTE TANKS. For 1 Cigarette 5/- each

For 3 Cigarettes 7/6 each

For 5 Cigarettes 10/- each

BEER FLUID—For light or dark beer (with froth) 2/6 each

RUBBER COVERS—Finest Quality Rubber (Wineglass) 2/6 each

Lenz' "NU-ATOMIC" Smoke

No clumsy fekes. No chemicals. No palming. Nolhing attached to hands or body. No risk. Positively no discomfort. No fuses.

It can be worked into any show. An ideal opener. Perfect for cigarette or manipulative act. You won't have to worry us for refills either. A genuine self-working effect, different from anything else.

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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