An absolutely new field of subtle psuedo-scientific mysteries and effects is offered to magicians who appreciate sensational stunts.

For Close up magic involving the aid of guests at a dinner table, a party or at a club or bar, or even for stage work, many of these effects will create gasps of astonishment, perplexity and astounding applause.

They are fantastique !

Have a complete stranger tell exactly what members of the audience are thinking of—without any previous priming or stooging !

Cause your heart beats to slow down and then stop altogether ! Then re-start at double pace !

Read the thoughts of people who have decided something whilst you were out of the rdom. No signs or codes used.

Work a living and dead test—and have the dead person give vibrations to the holder of that unknown envelope ! i It proves to be correct.

Cause spirit whispers to happen near spectators' ears, and the spirits make secret messages sort themselves out!!

Many other ideas and routines will readily suggest themselves.

No elaborate set ups . Worked anywhere.

Complete with gimmick and manuscript.


The magician exhibits a coil of rope which he claims was cut from the top of the original rope used in the Indian Rope Trick. It still retains some of its original propensities.

He uncoils the rope . . . mesmeries it . . . and it stands up straight in the air !! On the word of command ... it falls down again.

AH this is very marvellous, and he offers to explain exactly how it is done. There is a lot of comedy situation and scope for numerous laughs, as he goes through the business.

There are lots of ways in which the magic rope can be used. The magician has an invisible dog. He whistles him in, pats his head, fastens the rope to the dog's collar, and with the rope sticking out in front of him apparently attached to the dog ... HE WALKS ACROSS THE STAGE ! ! !

Quite mechanical. Self working. Nothing to go wrong. No hairs, wires, threads or suchlike.

Splendid for close up or stage.


Eddie Joseph

One of the finest books of Impromptu Stunts ever offered. Anyone can do them without skill. Only natural objects used. A wealth of ideas for the close-up man.

To give you some idea . . . SLOW COIN VANISH, Hat Money, The Personal Magnetism, Transmigration, The Menu Mystery, Individualism, The Travelling Ring, The Vanishing Fruit, The Flame in the Bottle, etc., etc.

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