GREASED LIGHTNING. The very latest Piper Cleaner Thumb Tie—as used by Tarbell. PRICE 5/-. "UNBELIEVABLE". Cut and Restored Rope by Chanin (U.S.A.). Both ends held by spectators all the time—and rope examined. Last word. PRICE 7/6.

COLOUR CHANGE NECKTIE. An ordinary 'four in hand' tie, as they say in the U.S.A. You simply stroke it . . . and its vivid pattern becomes plain. Repeat at will. PRICE 18/6.

NU-ATOMIC SMOKE. Real smoke emitted in clouds from mouth, any time, anywhere. No tow, cotton wool, chemicals or suchlike. New principle. Impromptu fire-eating or use with lighted cigarette act. PRICE 5/-.

SOPHISTICATED SOFT SOAP. Three white silks with lipstick marks on put into SURF Carton . . . come out clean ! Carton torn up at finish. PRICE 17/6. HOT DOGS. Picture Silk with Doggie on • . . suddenly changes to string sausages. Patter Story. PRICE 18/6.

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Enneagram Essentials

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