One of the finest visual card tricks ever devised.

Can be done with people all round you. Can be repeated indefinitely.

Performer states that he had an impression about a card, and he took it from one pack and placed it reversed in another Any person can name a suit . . . and anyone else a number. The pack is fanned out and chosen card is seen reversed ! When turned over it is only card in pack with different coloured back ! ! PRICE

Plastic Billiard Balls

These are really very fine quality and we definitely recommend them to amateurs and professionals alike.

Beautifully moulded, brilliant finish, in really bright colours.. The standard sets are in Red, which has been found by test to be the most satisfactory colour for showing at a distance. Other colour balls may mean a slight delay on your order, although we will always have stock on singles. Ball and Shells same price each.

Size If" diameter Size diameter

each each

Roses are Red

Particularly suitable for business organisation shows, night club and floor shows, stag parties etc. Harmless but humorous.

The performer recites a parody version of the well known poem which goes "Roses are red, violets are blue, each denotes constancy, love that is true. LiIlies are for


purity, they're mostly white ..." The last line is the gag, which you read when you buy it, and the surprise finish brings a big laugh when they see a pair of silken panties hanging between the other two silks. Beautifully printed pure silk squares. 18in. x 18in. All in fuli colours. PRICE 3Q/-

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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