This effect has stood the test of time, and is being regularly featured by most of the big illusionists Howard de Courcy, of Music Hall fame, regularly works it.

You have your thumbs securely tied together by a spectator. To make doubly sure, they then tie a cord in the opposite direction, and it can be as tight as they wish.

Now if the spectator stands well away, and tosses a wooden hoop towards you . . . you catch it, and as your arms are raised, it elides right onto one of your arms, COMPLETELY DISSOLVING THRO' THE TIE! This is repeated with one or two more rings. Further stunts, such as having your arms pass through a spectator's arm or leg. etc., yet when knots are instantly examined . . . THEY ARE INTACT ! ! A very subtle secret. No skill required.

FLASH PAPER—a few sheets only I/- each

FLASH WOOL. Per Large Tin 1/. each

RUBBER GUINNESS BOTTLES—Printed labels 3/- each

PLASTIC BILLIARD BALLS (or Shells).—If diameter and If' diameter 5/- each

FINEST CIGARETTE TANKS. For 1 Cigarette 5/- each

For 3 Cigarettes 7/6 each

For 5 Cigarettes 10/- each

BEER FLUID.—For light or dark beer (with froth) 2/6 each

RUBBER COVERS.—Finest Quality Rubber (Wineglass) 2/6 each


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