Raymond Maynard's "4c" Foresee


If you could actually predict what would transpire in the space of a few moments from now, you could surely not tackle the problem in a manner more simple than is outlined in "4-C".

Upon a card, signed by a volunteer, the performer makes a Prediction, and the card is set aside in full view. Performer calls for words, numbers, dates, celebrities, or for that matter, any items the performer wishes to deal with. These are jotted on a checking card, and when the Prediction card is read, by the spectator, he finds underneath his name, a 100 per cent correct Prediction. No awkward switching of billets, double turnovers, reversed pads, etc., indeed, the whole routine is devoid of unnatural moves.

"This is going to become a Standard Method" —Fabian.

"Here is a method for a Triple Prediction which works itself, is quick to set, and leaves the performer 'clean' at the finish. The most fastidious worker could not ask for a better method."—Malcolm Davison.

Complete ready to work.

PRICE 20/-

A.B.C. Triple Divination

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