Here is a lovely stunt to introduce into any Giant Card Routine. It will create much mirth and be admitted as a novelty.

When forcing any cards, have a Knave chosen by a lady, and when you finally locate it, tell her that is the easiest card to find because it is so polite !



♦STOP' Trick of To-morrow

A real sensation. Anything more impossible would be hard to find. An ordinary or borrowed deck is shuffled by a spectator and Any Card Quite Freely Chosen and returned. A Eitt'e houlette of the usual type is shown and the deck slipped into it.

The magician commences to pull the cards out of the houlette and throw them on the table face upwards—so that it can be seen they are all different ! When any spectator calls STOP—THAT CARD PROVES TO BE THE ONE SELECTED !

Vampire <MENE

This famous pack of cards has had a big revival of popularity lately, and we now offer it to you with some fine New and Exclusive Routines. These are some of the things you can achieve:—

1. Any spectator can stab the deck with a knife, withdraw a card and performer reads his mind and correctly names it.

2. Any card freely selected can be torn up, burnt, or otherwise vanished, yet performer restores it and locates it in a sealed envelope, etc. Several methods.

3. A freely selected card vanishes from the pack when pressed by spectator—and passes through the top of a table.

Please note:—No duplicate cards are used. No gimmicks or fekes. No hair, wire or threads. Everything examined. No switches. A NEW KILLER-DILLER THAT WILL THRILL YOU. Get it now whilst still exclusive.

price 12/6


4. Chosen card returned to pack, passes from deck in one coat pocket to pocket on other side of jacket.

5. Any selected card rises up out of the pack.

6. Spectator selects any card from a blue backed pack. Another spectator takes one from a red backed pack. When turned round they prove to be identical.

No Sleight of Hand required.

No forcing.

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