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I first met jay Palmer in 1951, and the reason why we did not come together before was owing to the fact that Jay had not previously decided to leave the U.S.A. and work his comedy magic act in Britain.

A bluff hearty, bouncing character, he liierally takes the wind out of your sails until you get used to him. He certainly does not conform to the popular picture of the slow Southern States of the U.S.A., but in point of fact he is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He can trace his Scottish descent back to his grandfather who emigrated from Glasgow

Jay was interested in magic at a very early age, and when he had later tried his hand at various occupations, decided to take it up professionally. Then he married his charming wife, Mrs. Doreen Palmer, who is incidentally, from Lancashire, and they have subsequently toured all over the U.S.A. and all parts of the world with their double act.

They make no bones about the comedy angle, it is what we call broad slapstick . . . the real pantomime kind. Jay enters, clad in immaculate evening dress, complete with top hat and cloak, and endeavours to present a slick sophisticated night club act. Doreen dawdles on as a cleaner, complete with mop and pail of water, and successfully prevents him from accomplishing anything at all. His fast patter is constantly interrupted by rude remarks, the pail and the mop get tangled up with both of them. Doreen gets belligerent and offers to fight all and sundry. Eventually harmony reigns and Jay gets down to the highlight of his act, which is the presentation of his Magic Kettle.

To his audience he confides "I am about to show you something you will probably remember for the rest of your lives. A modern miracle in fact. A Scotsman giving away free drinks!" From the Magic Kettle he proceeds to pour any drinks which the members of the audience care to name. Wines, spirits, beers, cocktails, liquers They are all "on tap", much to the delight of the lucky ones in the audience who get the samples passed out to them.

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