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Straight- from our Winning Stable comes this greatest of all Laughter Gags.


Lovers of Comedy will of course lap this up. It's hilarious in effect and situation.

When performing a difficult experiment in paper cutting, aided by a spectator, the magician accidentally gets his scissors under spectator's tie . . . AND CUTS IT OFF !

Consternation reigns . . . and gives way to frantic laughter as they see the victims face ! Apologetically the magician demonstrates how easily the tie cuts . . . and as he does so, HE CHOPS LITTLE PIECES OFF ! ! He even cuts off the remainder of the tie. as it is obviously no use.

A good stooge can obviously play up to this part of the trick, and magician can leave him standing on one side, whilst he proceeds with the next trick!

Eventually magician restores the tie IN A FLASH ! Everyone is happy.

This trick is very easy to do and is almost self working. Sufficient for a number of shows. Refills available at a reasonable rate.

PRICE 21/-

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