First Phase

Introduce the gimmicked knife. For the benefit of the newcomer to magic, the one referred to as the 'gimmicked' knife has an IVORY handle on one side and BROWN on the other. However, when first bringing out the gimmicked knife do so with the ivory side to view. Hold the knife in the right hand between thumb and first finger. Fig. 3 depicts the position of the knife in relation to the hand. Notice that the opposite end of the knife points downward and the thumb is in FRONT of the handle on the top. Now if from this position the knife is raised so as to bring the bottom end upward, you will cause the opposite side of the handle which in the present case is BROWN to come into view. The object of the 'PADDLE' move therefore, is to make onlookers believe that you are showing BOTH sides of the knife whereas in truth the SAME side is presented to view each time. In order to accomplish this, merely give the knife half a turn with the thumb as it is being brought from Fig. 3 to position shown in Fig. 4. If you study the illustration Fig. 4 you will notice that the thumb is no longer in front but'at the back. This in itself gives out the thought that the OTHER side of the knife is genuinely being shown which in fact would be the true position even if you did not cheat a little. I shall from now on refer to this bit of 'cheating' as the PADDLE move.

However, having introduced the gimmicked knife show it as the 'Ivory' handled one by executing the paddie move. Do this a couple of times and then drop the hand so as to bring the knife back to position shown in Fig. 3. Now pass the left hand across and in front of the knife. Under cover of this action the right thumb gives it a twist to bring the 'Brown' side to view. By repeating the previous paddle move the knife is now shown as 'Brown' on both sides. Finally change it back to Tvory'.

Second Phase.

Patter thusiy, "Of course, I only make you believe that the knife changes colour. Actually it does not. As you will see I have another knife concealed in my sleeve". Pull back the left sleeve, exposing the 'Brown' knife. Continue, "I use TWO knives. One 'Brown', the other 'Ivory'. When I wish to change one for the other all I do is to sHp it up the sleeve and pull out the other". As you say this, push the gimmicked knife, Ivory side to the front, into the sleeve. Give it the usual turn and bring out showing as Brown. Now show it as Brown on both sides a couple of times and then remark "If I wish to convert it again to Ivory I merely repeat the previous move". Slip knife again into sleeve, give it half a turn and bring it out as Ivory once again. Your actions right along should suggest that you are substituting one knife for the other alternately.

Third Phase

At this point you hold the gimmicked knife in your right hand between the thumb and first finger with the Ivory side showing. With the same hand reach into the sleeve, grip the brown one between the tips of the first and second fingers and pull it away from under the watch band. You will now be holding both knives in "V" formation as illustrated in Fig. 5. Lower hand with both knives presumably to show the opposite sides. Under cover of this action give the gimmicked knife the usual twist. Once again bring both knives to position shown in Fig. 5 and execute the paddle move in the process.

By this means you will have convinced the spectators that you are using two legitimate knives —one IVORY and the other BROWN. By holding the knives as described it is no more difficult to execute the paddle move.

Fourth Phase

It is this feature of my routine that appealed to many and particularly to the three I had referred to above who claimed it in turn as their own instead of giving credit to me as the lawful originator. That, however, is not so important now and I merely stress the point to provide proof of its effectiveness by reason of the disguised compliment paid to me.

At this stage the two knives are in your right hand in "V" formation as in Fig 5. Lay both on the left palm, side by side. The gimmicked one, of course, shows the Ivory side of the handle and is placed nearer the wrist. Borrow a handkerchief and spread it over the palm and the knives. Fig. 6 shows the right in the act of draping the handkerchief over the knives. After the left hand is covered you ask a nearby spectator to nominate either Brown or Ivory. If he mentions BROWN then you reach under the handkerchief with the right hand, turn the gimmicked knife over and bring it out as the BROWN knife and lay it over the handkerchief on your left palm. Should he say WHITE, you still bring out the gimmicked knife with the BROWN side showing and remark . . . "Just as you wish. We leave the WHITE and take out the BROWN.

By this subterfuge you create the belief that the White knife is on your hand and under the handkerchief while the Brown is on top of the hank itself . Grip the corner of the handkerchief near the finger tips and remark as you turn it back "Of course I want you to be sure that we have the WHITE knife under the handkerchief". The mere action of turning the handkerchef over to the back will force the gimmicked knife on top to turn over bringing the Ivory side to view. Since the handkerchief is still folded this fact will not be known as yet. Fig. 7 shows exactly how this business of turning back the corner of the handkerchief should be executed. However, the spectators fully expected to see the Ivory knife under the handkerchief but they are confronted with the Brown one. You merely add "I am afraid there has been a mistake. Two Brown knives ? That cannot be".

You now ask someone to pick up the Brown knife from your palm. This gives them an opportunity to handle and examine the knife without you asking them to do so. When the spectator picks up this knife, you turn back the fold revealing the Ivory handled knife in place of the Brown they saw you place there.

Fifth Phase

Take away the Brown handled knife and place it in your right trouser pocket. You will now understand why I suggest hanging the regular Ivory handled knife inside the trouser pocket. That is for two distinct reasons viz. to prevent the two 'talking' when placed together and secondly to discriminate one from the other. The gimmicked knife is still on top of the handkerchief on your left hand. Pick up the handkerchief by its four corners allowing the knife to rest inside. Now pass the improvised handkerchief bag with the knife inside over the trouser pocket as shown in Fig. 8.

Rest the handkerchief over the left palm and allow the four corners to drop and expose the knife which now shows up as the one with the Brown handle. By the mere act of laying the handkerchief on the palm with the proper side to the front you will cause the gimmicked knife to show up as the Brown one. You have supposedly caused the knife in the handkerchief and the one in the trouser

pocket to change places. Reach into the trouser pocket and grip the Brown knife inside the hand and pull the White away from the rubber band. Bring both out together. Of course, only the White is permitted to be seen. The Brown is concealed inside the hand. Fig. 9 will make this clear.

When the White knife is brought to view, toss it out. Here again you offer the opportunity for handling the knife and since they examined the Brown before and now the White they will be fully satisfied as to the authenticity of both.

Sixth Phase.

Be it remembered the regular Brown handled knife is still in your right hand but its presence is not suspected. With the same hand grip the near corner of the handkerchief as seen in Fig. 10 and pull it away from under the gimmicked knife. The gimmicked knife is laid on the table. Pick up the White knife and go through

the action of placing it under the handkerchief. As soon as the right hand is under the cover of the handkerchief, allow the White knife to drop into the sleeve and wrap the Brown one instead. Hand the rolled up handkerchief with presumably the White but really the Brown knife to some spectator to hold.

The left hand now picks up the gimmicked knife which until now is lying on the table with the Brown side to view. This same hand executes the paddle move showing the knife as Brown on both sides. Tap the spectator's hand with the knife thrice and on the last tap turn it over to bring the White side into view ... a visible colour change.

The regular White knife in the meantime is inside the right sleeve and as attention is drawn to the one in the left hand, the right arm is straightened to get the one in sleeve into the hand. The left hand goes through the gesture of passing the knife into the right but actually it holds it back and the right immediately tosses out the regular one. The spectator is asked to see what he finds inside the handkerchief and while he investigates, the gimmick knife is slipped into the pocket and there is nothing left to tell the tale.

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