Effect: The performer has upon his table a jug of milk, a decorated tube and a smail plate. He picks up the tube and places this upon the plate. Milk is now poured into the tube from the jug, and the jug is then replaced.

The performer looks at his audience with a tongue-in-the-cheek attitude and says, "No doubt you are wondering how I came to be able to pour milk into this tube. Well I'll let you into a little secret. Before I started the trick I placed a tumbler under the tube and that caught the milk!" Whereupon the performer lifts the tube and shows a glass of milk. This he shows all around and then covers same with the tube again, holding the glass of milk on the left palm.

"I wonder whether this is T.T. milk?" says the magician, whereupon from inside the tube he extracts a carnation. "Ah! no, I see it's carnation, EVAPORATED milk, for as you see the milk has EVAPORATED and the tube is perfectly empty!"

REQUIREMENTS: If you have not already got one of Max's MIRACLE PITCHERS at £3 (ad!) then rectify that mistake immediately for here you have a wonder prop of a legion uses. You will also require a ghost tube and a plastic bottomless glass, painted on the inside to represent milk, a small plastic plate and a feather carnation.

One point I would like to mention is that 1 have placed a small red sellotape band completely around the jug, where a gold band has been painted. I draw attention to this as a marker for the level of the milk and also I feel that it is more natural than having the gold band showing (credit for the sellotape idea goes to that prolific originator 'Hen' Fetsch). Those of you possessing this prop will appreciate this idea and as I've said before if you don't own one rectify the omission !

WORKING: Have full jug of milk on show, with decorated tube on plate. Inside tube have feather carnation. Pour milk (?) from jug into tube (don't for heaven's sake pour the lot, and then show a half-pint glass full! Pour what you would consider would be the amount to fill the glass (experiment with the prop and you will soon discover this).

Now remark to the audience "You wonder, no doubt, how I could pour milk into the tube. Well before I started the trick, I placed a glass there". Lift the tube to show the glass of milk. Pick the glass up and show all around, then stand the glass on the left palm. Feather carnation will not fall out of ghost tube if you have a pliable wire stem (plastic covered wire is ideal for this as you can temporarily fix this in position).

Cover the glass with the tube using the right hand, invert the tube, (this will automatically dispose of the faked glass in the ghost tube) pull out the carnation from the tube with the right hand and show the tube empty.

Finally, we would mention that you could use a silk in place of the carnation or possibly a bouquet of spring flowers.


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