Set up the necessary apparatus behind the right lapel of your coat, exactly as explained in the instructions supplied with the trick.

You will also require to have a few cigarettes concealed behind the left lapel. A piece of narrow black elastic would serve to keep them in place. See sketch.


1. The performer removes a cigarette packet from his pocket, opens it, and pretends to be disappointed to find that it is empty. Tossing it aside, he remarks: "Never mind! I always carry a reserve here." With his right hand, he catches hold of his left lapel, turns it back, letting the cigarettes be seen. With the left hand he removes one of them.

2. Holding this cigarette between the first and middle fingers of his left hand, the conjurer continues: "And under the other lapel, I keep a supply of matches." At this stage, both hands are seen to be empty, except for the cigarette, but no reference should be made to this obvious fact.

3. The magician places the cigarette between his lips, grasps the right lapel with the left hand, and with the right he pulls out a lighted match. (And also, needless to add, the necessary "equipment" which he conceals in his hand).

4. Having lit the cigarette, the performer keeps his eyes fixed intently on the lighted match, pauses a moment, and then exclaims: "Watch the match!" Again pausing for about two seconds, he throws the match, still alight, into the air, where it automatically transforms itself into a long cigarette holder. The cigarette is then inserted in the holder and smoked. (See page 333 in the March issue).

The routine above outlined is not offered as en improvement on the one given in the instructions supplied with the trick, but I think that it has its points.

For instance, the showing of a small reserve of cigarettes behind the left lapel should be a good "lead-up" to the withdrawal of a match from the lapel on the opposite side of the coat.

At any rate, the trick if performed as above suggested would be "short and snappy", and it should not cake more than about a minute from the start to the finish.

I must not neglect to emphasize an important detail: do not be in too great a hurry to throw rhe match into the air. There is such a thing as working too quickly: this is often due to nervousness, and nervousness is one of the reasons why so many magicians fail to "time" and "point" their movements properly.

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