Put one of the Donkey cards in stable and close door. Put other donkey card under clips at back of barn. Put word card inside folder with blank side to front, likewise the Farmer Card and Carrot Card. Lay folder on table, with pocket opening to rear and pocket side downwards.

STORY AND WORKING (Moves or Explanations in brackets)

(Place hand on top of stable). Now girls and boys, I expect you have all heard the story about the Donkey who wouldn't go, haven't you? Do you remember how the story went? (Here get children to recite, "I had a Donkey and he wouldn't go, would I hit him, no, no, no" etc.)

That was really splendid, now 1 will show you a donkey that also did not want to go. (Open stable door, take Donkey Card out, close door and stand card in front of stable). This is his stable which he didn't want to leave, (place hand on stable), for it was so nice and cosy for him, but unknown to him, the farmer who owned him decided to sell him, for he had been offered a good deal of money. (As you say this pick up folder and hold in left hand, at bottom, fingers in front, thumb behind, by gripping folder with fingers and thumb you can either keep it closed tight or otherwise).

Now here is the farmer in his barn, this of course represents the barn .(Hold up folder, then take Farmer Card from it by opening it slightly and putting right hand fingers in from top, show card both sides then place it under the fingers, in front of the folder, face to audience). Now the farmer wanted to get the donkey into the barn, all ready for the man who was going to buy him, but his problem was how, for the donkey wouldn't move. "Ah. I know", said the farmer. "I will give him a nice juicy carrot, I have one in the barn. (Slightly open folder and take out carrot card, show both sides) he just cannot resist a nice carrot (Take Carrot Card over to Donkey and wave about in front of him, then place Carrot Card in front of Farmer Card held by fingers).

The donkey, being very fond of a real nice carrot, soon went over to the barn, and to the carrot. (Take Donkey Card and place in front of Carrot Card). Now all the farmer had to do was to get the donkey into the barn, so before the donkey could eat the carrot, he put the carrot into the barn. (Take Carrot Card and slip it into the barn—do this by having folder fairly tight— and push it down into the folder from top). Believe me the artful old donkey soon followed, for he wasn't going to be done out of his carrot. (Take Donkey Card and with the same move as for Carrot Card push him into the folder—but in this case the card is pushed down into the pocket. See that it goes out of sight).

Into the barn goes the farmer (push Farmer Card into actual folder as per Carrot Card). Now the donkey enjoyed his carrot so the farmer gave him another one and the time came for the new owner to collect him, but do you know, the artful old donkey must have known, for when the man called the donkey couldn't be found. I will show


By Jimmy Flowers

FOLDER. Mod« in cardboard.

FOLDER. Mod« in cardboard.

4)lb«tng tf-ri|K , 'o'card lidts , Otnd boHom.thn qluffina a <h««(-of cara ovar. Xt-r«nqH>an hh« .bottom PoldwiHi lin«n,covar ««Hraly wiH» brick ^a-Per. Bind 4<lg«* wit-K Co lour« 4,

Donkey Card (2 REQUIRED) ALL CAR06 s" SQUARE.

STABU rs morefy a flat board, with strips I (j/OQd af X. i Door/s/-/ten ' hmqacL as rtom, aJ/m- 9

inq (pace for Oonkeq card. Fix snivel 1 feet <ls s/rown.1 4 dips are cr> fh<z back to hold, a cLup/tcafc Caret'.

Donkey Card (2 REQUIRED) ALL CAR06 s" SQUARE.

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