Prayer Stick

by Roy Cowl

"In the monasteries of Tibet, when the member Llamas pray they use a Tibetan Prayer Stick, a long stick with two cords running independently through either end of the stick (Show this to be so).

As they are praying all day long, and they only have the two cords, the way they use them is to draw the finger and thumb down the length of the cords alternately, and the length of the cords is the length of the prayer (Suit the action to the words).

Now should they have a very long prayer and require a very long cord, they draw on one cord like this, and as the cord gets longer through the prayer, the other gets shorter, magically. (Show this to be so).

Now you and I know this is a lot of rubbish, what they actually have is one long cord—like this (Indicating long cord) and one short cord—like this (draw attention to other cord). But this also is a long cord (draw it out) so therefore there must be some kind of elastic in the cords—Well, I can show you this cord (Unstring cord which is at full length) and I can assure you that there is no elastic in this cord. (Hand it for examination). And if this were a long cord (indicating the short cord which is left)—I could draw it out like this—and show you there is no elastic in this cord. (Do so).

Now, having shown you both the cords and having proved to you that they are as free from deception as I—ought to be!—it is obvious that the secret must lie in the Prayer Stick and to be fair to you I should show you the Prayer Stick—so I wili (Toss out the Prayer Stick, showing the hands to be completely empty).

Now having shown you all my apparatus I hope that the only part of the trick that you can see through will be The Prayer Stick itself ! ! "


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