No wonder I could not find the reference as to when "The Tale of a Shirt" was previously published in "Magic Magazine", for the only almost complete set we have in the office had this copy missing We can tell you that it is Vol. 1. No. 12. but regret that it is now out of print.

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book, "The Invisible Influence" which caused the L.C.C. to ask him to resign as such a book was not considered suitable for one who was a Specialist in mental and nervous diseases. This was the cause of International and Nation-wide front page newspaper headings in 1933, when the Doctor fought his own case and won, and remained with the L.C.C. until his retirement in 1936. Other well-known books which he has written have sold into tens of thousands both in the British Isles, the Continent and America, namely—"Powers That Be", "The Power of Karma", "The Shadow of Destiny^, and in 1950 in England "The Power Within" which was published in the U.S.A. in 1953. In 1934 Sir Alexander Cannon's books were the cause of two country-wide broadcasts in the United States of America by Edwin C. Hill, the American Radio Commentator.

In MAGIC the Doctor has travelled the Orient including China and Tibet and has invented many illusions, some used by "the great". Also many mental items including what he calls the "Zan-zig code" which he still keeps locked up, ready to release some day. He has invented methods of reproduction of music for entertainment purposes by radio and other methods, which far supersede the ordinary radio transmission. This has to be heard to be believed, and I have mentioned this here before. His theatrical lighting systems in THE ENCHANTED HALL, as well as the Hall itself, are very worthwhile seeing. He is co-author with Dr. Harlan Tarbell of two tomes, one of which will be of more than passing interest to practising magicians. Nearly all the famous magicians of today from all over the World have visited His Excellency, and he himself is a master-magician of Occult-lined magic, mentalism of his own creation. One of these is an empty latex skull, held by spectators in the audience and yet it actually speaks to these people, answering ANY question put to this "empty" masterpiece of science. There is also a telephone which is proved to be unattached and yet the "spirit" voice can be heard through it, which Deville made some thirty years ago. The latest is his "wonder-coffin", which is completely empty and is examined by the audience and found to contain absolutely nothing. The lid is then covered with glass or perspex and just fits loosely on to the coffin. A spectator is put in the coffin and he hears nothing, although detached telephones placed loosely on the coffin lid now transmit to the spectators music from the B.B.C. etc., although no wireless is there. This even happens when spectators lift the lid of the coffin as high as they can, and still the man in the coffin hears nothing, but the spectators through their non-attached phones hear the B.B.C. and other programmes very clearly! So once again the impossible happens. Voices can also be heard under these conditions, and so far, it has baffled the most discerning of magicians and scientists. Now to mention all the wonderful lights which he and Voltaire have to brighten our darkness.

Voltaire and Dr. Sir Alexander Cannon share the secrets of those wonder lamps, which are used by both of them, and have been demonstrated by Voltaire on T.V.

The Doctor also has a blindfold, which, when he puts it on, although he has no wireless or other apparatus on his body or nearby, he can hear your thoughts and answers your questions accurately. No wonder THE ENCHANTED HALL is known as the Temple of Mysteries, where reigns supreme the Mystery man himself. Dr. Cannon, we salute you.


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