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Dear Sir,

"In connection with Magic Magazine, I should like to mention what happened to me recently. When I filed last month's magazine into the Binder, the latter naturally was filled, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to sort out some of the less interesting back numbers of Vol. 1 to make way for the forthcoming numbers of Vol. 3. Naturally I started browsing and became absorbed in those interesting articles of john Bourne on Drama, Speech, Audiences, MentaMsm, Publicity and the others—how could I destroy these, which unlike effects, are irreplaceable. This led on to Vol. 2 and generally a voyage of re-discovery, accompanied by the wisdom and guidance of Eddie Joseph, Victor Fa re 11 i, George Biake and our other "Pen-Friends". So thoroughly did I enjoy myself that I still have every number of both volumes and iook forward with even greater enthusiasm to Vol. 3. Can I say more of Magic Magazine except to endorse and emphasise what others have done? Except possibly to add more pages but the generai balance is right as it is—the right amount and variety we need".

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