Pardon me if I return to some past articles of mine for a moment Since my article in the June issue of the "Magic Magazine" on the "Rice and Dagger Trick", I have heard from that magical stalwart, Cyro, who informs me that, "—The Rice and Dagger Trick is to be found in a 'Daisy Bank' series of Penny Magic Booklets, published in Manchester, in 1910, and later is to be found in Popular Magic, Volume III, by Joseph Dun-ninger, U.S.A. and published in 1929". Well, well. I wasn't able to refer to the Daisy Bank books, for I parted with mine years ago to a collector magician, but, after going through some dusty files I did find Dunninger's book, and there it is, as Cyro says. Dunninger's description agrees pretty well with all that has gone before on this subject. You'll find his article on page 68.

Now to the "Left-over-right" rope routine. In the July issue I quoted other sources where this effect had appeared, namely, in Tarbell's Course by Dr. Zina Bennett and the Newcastle Circle's private magazine, The Talisman. Further notes to hand, one from Jack Potter to the effect that a similar routine appeared in the Gen for November 1948, and this was written by Jean

Walter Simpson, Esq.

July, 1954.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

I received my order in fine shape and may I here say thanks for the Catalogue. I must say it is a fine one and I like it a lot.

You will be hearing from me again in the near future.

One thing I forgot to mention and that is the Fan Deck is a beautiful deck. I didn't think it was such a good one until I started to do my fan routine then the beauty of the deck came to life and I say it is the prettiest deck I have in my collection of fanning deck's.

I am still enjoying the Magic Magazine each month. I just sent Vol 2 to the bookbinders to have them bound into a book, this sure makes reading much more interesting and everything at your finger tips.

Yours truly, WALTER SIMPSON.

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