Post Prediction

On a thin stand, resting in a shallow slot, are eight design cards, which have their backs to the audience.

Announcing that he has made a prediction as to which of the designs will be chosen by a member of the audience, the performer asks a volunteer to call out any number from 1 to 8.

When the number has been given, the performer says, "I told you I had made a prediction already, and perhaps you are wondering exactly where that prediction is. Well—to avoid any type of suspicion arising that I might exchange that prediction, I have placed it in a position where there cannot possibly be any doubt as to its validity.

"Five was the number you gave?" He counts along to the fifth design and halts with his finger on it.

"In fact I have placed the prediction along with the design you have chosen." He lifts away the design, turning its face to the audience, and reveals a wage-type envelope immediately behind it.

"Furthermore," and here he turns the whole stand round, "it is the only design with an envelope behind it, and all the designs are different."

He lets this point sink in, then says, "Will you take my prediction, sir, and open it?"


The spectator does so, and removes from it a folded sheet of paper.. On this it says, "You will choose the design drawn below"— and beneath is a replica of the design the performer is holding.

The secret behind this first rate opener for a mental programme is so simple and foolproof that the performer has nothing whatever to worry about except the presentation.

Four of the designs are faked, in that they are virtually shallow boxes, with the one end, the bottom, left open.

The interior of the faked cards is just large enough to accept an envelope as described, and each of the four envelopes contains a prediction for the card which conceals it.

The cards are set out on the stand as shown in the diagram. Thus—if an even number is called out, the performer counts along from his left, and if an odd number vice versa. In either case he arrives at a faked card. When he lifts it up he leaves the prediction behind, and is then free to reverse the stand, as indicated above .

If the prediction envelopes are wedged slightly in a thinner central slot, they wilf remain upright when revealed, and this improves the appearance at the finish

REAR View OF STAND (CûVc/s do not actualLy fauch)




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