Pocket Tricks



Another interesting point is that of converting a "Pocket Trick" into an effect suitable for stage presentation. Just as the best inventions are usually produced by the man with the most experience in his particular subject. So the best effects are usually produced by the magician with an all-round knowledge of Magic. I have originated certain improvements and aids to effects and would suggest that if the necessary time is expended, it is possible for any interested person with the average intelligence to produce at least one improvement on a standard effect.

With "Pocket Tricks" if you just make a list of all the effects you have performed or know, you will be surprised at the number of platform effects that may be evolved from them. In some cases it is only necessary to enlarge the articles used in order to create the requisite stage presentation. In other instances you will need to add perhaps another effect in order to build the two small "Pocket Tricks" into one which merits stage performance.


Whereas it is possible to adapt a "Pocket Trick" for stage purposes it is also quite easy, after a little thought, by reversing the procedure to create a "Pocket Trick" from a stage effect. An instance of this is the "Thumb Screw" effect which is a miniature "Pillory" escape illusion. The "Sliding Coin Box" is another example of creating a "Pocket Trick" from the "Sliding Die Box."

In these two aspects, creating small effects from large and vice versa, there is plenty of food for thought for those requiring effects which are different. Some may have probed the question before but those who merely take a standard effect and perform it as catalogued would do well to concentrate on the possibilities of new twists and thereby lift their performances out of the ordinary rut.

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