Pocket Switch

(3) In this method, you have a folded dummy note already tucked in the top outside breast pocket, the edge just below the edge of the pocket and, of course, out of sight. Having folded the genuine note, take it in the right hand and with the words "I'll just tuck the note in here for a moment, so you can keep your eyes on it", you place it in the top breast pocket. The right hand momentarily covers the top of the pocket as you do this, and the genuine note is pushed down out of sight and the dummy one brought to view, where it remains until needed. There is one disadvantage to this method. The genuine note cannot be so easily recovered.


(4) The Tweezer Switch. This I claim as an origination of my own, and it is the first time it has appeared in print. The effect is that the performer borrows a note and comes down amongst the audience to collect it. He instructs the lender to fold the note and then the performer takes it, not in his hand but in the jaws of a pair of tweezers. With the note thus held he makes his way back to the stage, but on facing the audience, although they don't know it, I hope, the note has been switched.

Actually the tweezers are double ones, and, in the true sense they are not tweezers at all, if you get what I mean. The jaws will not open with a spring tension as normal ones do, neither can you close them with pressure, for the simple reason that the jaws are permanently closed. Two pairs, exactly alike, will be required. The handle parts are filed down to half their thickness and then carefuTly soldered together so that the jaws point in opposite directions. Thus there are two sets of jaws with one handle in between. The jaws are now bent with pliers so that the actual tips of the jaws remain in contact, but the eiipse made by each of the prongs remains. Thus by placing a folded note inside this eiipse and drawing the note outwards the jaws can be made to hold the note.

The dummy note is placed in the jaws of one end of the tweezers, as explained in the last paragraph, and with this note hidden in the hand, the rest of the tweezers are held between the fingers and thumb and will look like an ordinary set. When the lender of the note has folded it, ask him to hold it out for you, and you pass the eiipse of the jaws over the note on both sides and then draw the tweezers back to retain the note. Be assured by me that there is nothing suspicious in this. It takes but a split second to 'take' the note, and indeed the action is one which is often carried out with ordinary tweezers, especially those where the jaws are only slightly open. On the way back stage, and at a suitable moment, the tweezers are transferred from one hand to the other and the

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