Peter a Mcdonald

Born in 1923 in the Minster City of York, Peter says he does not remember much about York, for five years later his family moved to Sheffield, where his interest in magic was born. It was there that he first saw a conjurer transforming pieces of paper into pound notes.

In 1930 the McDonald's moved over to Wakefield, here Magic came into the young Peter's own hands, for he acquired a small piece of apparatus in the shape of a Ball Vase. At about that time, a boy's weekly paper "The Wizard", ran a special issue, the feature being a free gift article all about conjuring and Peter obtained a copy through a Dewsbury newsagent, who turned out to be none other than Edgar Halstead of the Mystic Seven.

Under the guidance and tutorship of Mr. Halstead, Peter gave his first public show, at the age of 13, and encouraged by his family, who bought him a few tricks at intervals, he was well on the way to being a devotee of our mutual taskmaster. Magic.

Circumstances, however, as so often happens, would not keep pace with enthusiasm and demand. Pocket money was scarce, and the many coveted miracles in the Magic Catalogues, looked like remaining there—in the catalogues. There was only one thing to do. He attempted to work out the secrets for himself, and Peter suspects that this enforced procedure, like the ill wind which sometimes does someone some good, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It gave him his zest for inventing magical effects.

At 16, and with the advent of the Second World War, he was using his magic to entertain troops and about this time he came in contact with Cyro, whom he says, was most helpful and instructive and to whom he is most grateful. His thanks also go out to Jimmy Charlesworth and the before-mentioned Edgar Halstead for all the help he received in his early days of magic.

Demobbed from the R.N.V.R. in 1946 and back into 'civvies' most of his time was taken up in his study of the law, but magic still held sway and the years to follow found him contributing to






SUBTERFUGES by Eddie Joseph Page 316

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