Here is a new pocket trick that can be performed again and again right under the noses of your audience.

In effect, a solid round block mysteriously penetrates a pair of ribbons which have previously been shown threaded crosswise across the centre of a tube of slightly larger dimensions than the block. The trick may &e repeated as many times as required and each time the tube can be held up showing ihe ribbons still intact inside.

The secret lies in the construction of the ribbons themselves, which are not, in fact, threaded through opposire slots in the tube as they appear to be. Fig. 1. shows an end-on view of the tube looking down upon it.

From the diagram you will observe that each ribbon is bent at right angles in the centre of the rube and in fact passes out of an adjacent slot, and not out of the slot directly opposite. If the ribbons are neatly constructed, the illusion is perfect.

The ribbons are constructed as follows: Secure eight pieces of thin ribbon, of the same colour, approximately 6 inches in length. Then taking a pair at a time, glue together along their length a thin flat spring (such as used in spring flowers) between them at one end. You now have 4 double ribbons. Arrange these at right angles so that the ends with the springs inside form the right-angle and glue together at rhe bend of each right-angle (see Fig. 2 showing position of springs).

These are now threaded in the tube as per Fig. 1 giving the appearance of two ribbons crossing in the centre.

When the block is pushed through the tube rhe ribbons are depressed but spring back into position, by action of rhe springs inside, as soon as the block has passed. The tube can then be held up showing the ribbons still (apparently) intact.


Finally, the ring is made to apparently come off the cords by lifting the velvet and allowing the ring to slip down the back (See Figure 7). The description is a long one but actually the effect is carried out fairly quickly.

NOTE.— The effect wijl be much easier, from the magicians angle, if one cord only is used and I am sure A. J. Thomas will agree with me, that the effect would lose nothing

(Conti nued from Page 189).

thereby . It might even be more expedient to use narrow ribbon instead of cord, and arrange for a simple snap fastener instead of the hook and wire loop. Thus, it would not matter which end was pulled over the wand, for either end of the fastener would pass through the ring, and there would be no risk of the wire hooking being caught in it. With one cord or ribbon the balsa wood cover could be much simplified in the making, one slot being needed instead of two.—Editor.

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