We are glad to be able to bring you another extraordinary and baffling pocket trick, equal in every way to Nifty Nickel.


Here is a real knockout. All the boys we have shown it to in our Studio have raved over it.

Things which vanish are always popular with the onlookers, and this is just the little foolproof gem you have been looking for.

Borrow a coin . . . and with sleeves pulled back, lay it on your patm. Close your


fist, and tap it several times with a magic wand . . . you can use a pencil if you like.

Lay the wand aside . . . and anyone can open your fist. THE COIN HAS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED ! !

It seems unbelievable. There are no false moves, no sleeving, no wax, gum, threads, or pulls.

Everything can be passed for examination.


STILL SWEEPING THE COUNTRY ! Undoubtedly the winning pocket trick of the season.

A coin placed on the table in a triangle of matches, is covered with a card. When spectator removes everything . . . COIN has VANISHED . . . UNDER IMPOSSIBLE CONDITIONS ! ! No gum, wax, pulls, threads or attachments. Self Working.


A Red Silk and a Blue Silk are picked up and openly tied together. When the end of one is held and the other allowed to hang down . . on word of command they change places ! Can be repeated at once. The Silks can be untied and shown separate at any time. Very smart, mechanical effect. Nothing to palm or get rid of.

price 15/.

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