Peculiar Pairs

I have actually run the following experiment as a sort of 'bazaar' effort, charging a spectator the sum of 3d. for the privilege of shuffling the pack, and paying out the sum of 2/6d. if I failed to deal as stipulated later. Needless to say, very very seldom indeed was a half crown forfeited. In your family circle you may try it out somewhat as follows.

Have the pack thoroughly shuffled (you will notice that only one pack is used in all the following oddities) and receiving them back, ho'd them face down in the left hand, for dealing. Offer to bet the odds of ten to one that, in dealing the cards face up, one at a time and slightly overlapping so that every card dealt can be seen, you will at some point turn up two cards of a like denomination, two kings, two threes, or what have you.

Commence to deal, as detailed above, each card slightly overlapping its predecessor, and sure enough, at some part of the deal, you will turn up two cards alike. There is little need to fear, for you will turn up the cards alright, indeed, this so often happens before a quarter of the pack has been dealt that I go one further and, with the remainder of the pack offer to lay odds of five to one that ! will turn up another pair. And, time after time, you will find that you can do just this.

On occasions (you will learn to judge the correct occasions with practice) I can go further still and with the cards remaining offer odds of two to one that a third pair will turn up. I have just tried it now with a well shuffled pack and the pair did not turn up until the 31st and 32nd cards. In such a case your first odds of ten to one would con-

elude the session, although at times, even then it is possible to turn up another pair later on. Try it out. I think the title 'Peculiar Pairs' fits the bill.

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