"Boys and girls, mums and dads and the rest of you—I may be short but I can tell a tall story, (word this according if you are short or tall) in fact it's a fairy story. Allow me to introduce the Dancing Kettle—Susan Boilover -—whenever she's cross she boils over! Here you see her waitng to boil over on the gas stove. Now all turn on the gas (action)—no don't punch your dad on the nose—now strike a match (action) no Jimmie don't strike your neighbour—light the gas—strike a light you all look as if you're making toast."

"Now the kettle starts to simmer (wriggle control to move kettle slightly and pull arm string so arm comes up) now she's bubbling, (lift up on to legs and wriggle) now she's hotting up (dance kettle) she's boiling over, (dance a lot) the gas has gone out." (Flop kettle down and turn on tap, pretend to relight and start again).

From this point do all actions as mentioned before routine—patter to suit yourself, and finish with a bow and flop, and remark, "She's dry and so am la so we're off for a drink/'

DIZZY. "Look, no hands."
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