Patriotic Finale


For a colourful and patriotic ending to your Coronation Shows, which will obviously go on all Summer, why not try this routine. There is nothing original about either the props or the idea, for it consists of a Spring-Flap Tray and a Box of Confetti to which I have added a touch of topicality.

Step forward with the box on the tray. Remove the box with your right hand and hold to one side. Tilt rhe tray and show its bfank face Lower the tray to your left side with its bottom towards the audience. Turn slightly to your left so that tray is partly hidden by your body and at the same time raise the box and pour out a little of the confetti. Whilst doing this the catch on the tray is released and the flap flies over under the ample cover provided.

The Death of

Clément de Lion has received news from a friend in Nashville, Tennessee, that Servais LeRoy—the world famous Belgian-American magician—died in his home in Keansburg, New Jersey, on 2nd. June, at the age eighty-eight, after an illness lasting two years. He was buried in his stage costume with velvet knee breeches.

According to the late Eugene Powell. LeRoy's first business partner, he was born in 1875. The following is a quotation from the July (1928) issue of "The Sphinx": "His full name is Jean Henri Servais LEROY ... he was born in Spa, Belgium, on May 4th., 1875."

I saw LeRoy for the first time in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1904. At that time, he appeared to be a man of about forty, and I think that Powell should have given the date as 1865.

According to Will Goldston's "Who's Who in Magic", "LeRoy was born in Belgium about 1860, coming to Great Britain as a boy . . . It was LeRoy who gave David Devant his first lessons in magic . . ."

However, there is no truth in the fatter statement. Devant himself told me that he never received any lessons from LeRoy, but when boys, here in London, they studied conjuring together. (See footnote).

Raise the tray, taking care not to expose its face this time, and, with the tray slightly tilted towards you, pour the confetti onto it. Drop the empty box to the floor. Using both hands, give the tray a few shakes, throw the confetti into the air and tilt the face of the tray cowards the audience. There, for all to see, is your final message, in confetti words.

To complete the details: the words are first of all painted on the tray with paste, confetti is liberally sprinkled on. After the paste has hardened the surplus confetti is removed, the spring flap folded over and locked in position and you are all set Of course, both faces of the tray should be devoid of designs and preferably of a dark colour.

Alternatively, you could use an ordinary flap which is dropped out after the tray has been shown but this ties you to your table at the start and is not so self-contained as the foregoing.

The wording ? What could be more appropriate than:

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