Paper Capers

This is simplicity itself, indeed so simple that 1 know you will turn it down after reading it. But just try it out once and you'll be agreeably surprised. I originally did it just as a gag, but I found that the audience "fell for it" with no bother at all.

Obtain two newspapers, of the same size, but of different titles. I used a couple of local papers, but if you wish to go for the National Press then try The Daily Mirror and Reveille. Take the outside pages of the Mirror and lay them down on the table, front page downwards, that is, against the table.

Take the outside pages of Reveille and lay them on top of the Mirror, but this time the outside pages upward, facing you. In this position, place little spots of paste here and there, to secure the double pages together.

When dry, fold the paper with the Mirror portion outwards. Open this up in front of the audience and pretend to read, from the inside pages. The Mirror part will be facing them. A

crack or two about various headlines and then you fold it and open it the other way with the comment that you prefer something "with more meat in it". By now the Reveille side will be facing the audience.

If you have chosen your copy of Reveille wisely, there will be a picture of a glamorous female filling up the front page. Point to this and say "See what 1 mean? Much more meat!"


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