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bowl, and the disc should be sufficient to maintain the bowl in a level position. The vaseline would also assist in this. At the same time, it would not be unreasonable to see the performer's left hand held cautiously near to the bowl during the suspension, which need only be for a few moments. It would be there 'just in case' and would be quite excusable in view of the effect being performed. At any moment, so it would seem the dagger would slip from the water, and what more natural than, if it did, the unoccupied hand would be ready to catch it.

With the bowl of water back on the table, and the dagger still in position, under its cover, the right fingers relax and allow the rod to slide back into the table leg. Immediately the left hand takes the back edge of the bowl and slides it back a couple of inches, so that the hole in the base of the bowl is now, more or less, sealed with the material on the table top.

Removing the dagger, it is displayed, set on one side and the bowl is then moved to the back edge of the table, keeping the bowl on the table top all the time, until the edge is reached. The left hand goes underneath, and one finger conveniently goes over the hole. The hands raise the bowl and pour the water back into the jug.

With careful handling, very little water will escape into the centre leg, if the bowl is moved backwards immediately the rod has dropped. A "path" of thin sheet rubber could be fixed in the table top, for the journey of the full bowl from centre to rear of table, thus giving a better seal to the base, until the finger of the left hand covers up the hole. These are minor be worked out. but, if, after the suspension, the performer is careful to swish the water about a little, any which trickles to the floor will be put down to the performer's 'careless' handling.

Well, there you are, Magic Magazine readers. Co to it, and, as 'Old Bill' said in years gone by "if you can find a better hole—", well, I'd be very very pleased to hear from you.

Yours magically,

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