Two eights toqothcr somewhere In Hiii packet.

that by some secret means, the top „eight must be. transferred to the top of the lower packet. The upper packet is turned face-up and is placed on the table near the right hand. The lower packet is placed face-down to the left. The position now is that two of the eights come next to each other somewhere in the face-up packet. There is an eight at the top and an eight at the bottom of the facedown packet.

Now place the right hand on the left-hand (face-down) packet and the left hand on top of the right-hand packet. Remove the top card from each packet and place it alongside the opposite packet. (See sketch). Return the hands to the same packets and again remove the two top cards dealing them as before. If this process of crossing the hands and dealing is continued you will eventually arrive at the two eights which lie next to each other in the face-up packet to the right. The spectator, who has been asked to call "Stop!" when he sees a card of the same value as the chosen card will, of course, shout out when the first of the two eights arrives on top of the packet he is watching. This leaves a second eight (the chosen one) on top of the other face-up packet.

A moment's thought will show that since the first facedown card to be dealt was an eight and the bottom card of the left hand face-down packet is an eight, both face-down packets can be turned up at any stage to reveal an eight at the bottom. Thus the effect is really self-working.

A word of warning. Because the effect is so easy you may be tempted to think that you'll "never get away with it". Don't worry. The crossing of the hands etc., makes it well-nigh impossible for any spectator to follow exactly what you are doing. Iivany case, they are merely looking for a way in which you can spot the chosen card. They do not expect that all four eights are going to appear so they won't be on the look-out for ways to achieve that.

H^h The Vampiiire Clliuilb

Second Meeting of the Season on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25th, 1955

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