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Polychromatic Crystal by HAROLD G. ((Huddersfield) BEAUMONT

Going into the audience, the performer has a card chosen and return to a pack (have patience! This is not the usual "Take a card. Your card was the King of Hearts" type of trick) and arriving back on stage he calls attention to a small crystal reposing in its stand

Waving his hands mysteriously over the crystal, it is seen to slowly become cloudy. "Just the right condition" says the performer, "for revealing the name of the chosen card. As the cloud fades" he continues, "I will endeavour to disclose what it is".

The cloud does not clear away however, and after some little difficulty (?) the performer succeeds in naming the card. This is vouched for as correct, but here the performer pretends to note some disbelief prevailing amongst members of the audience, that he ever read the name of the card from the crystal. TO PROVE THIS HE GENTLY PULLS FROM THE INTERIOR OF THE CRYSTAL A WHITE SILK BEARING A PICTURE OF THE CHOSEN CARD. A fitting climax.

Requirements and working. Two of

Max Andrews Polychromatic Balls are needed, and a suitable stand with the top hoLlowed out a little to hold one of the balls, is necessary. A white silk with a picture of a pip card thereon, and it is essential that this be a pip card and that no border be used. A four, six or eight spot would be best so that there is no centre spot but plenty of white surrounding the pips.

Tuck this silk into one of the 'crystals' so that no spots show, and place it into a convenient pocket or ball-holder. Put a little hydrochloric acid in the top of the stand, and a little ammonia into the second 'crystal'. (Note. The placing of the acid in the stand is by far the safest). Place the ball upon the stand, with the hole away from the audience, and, of course, not in contact with the stand.

Have a card chosen by any means you favour, providing a duplicate of the 'Card Silk' is taken. I will leave this part to you. Returning to the stage you have ample time and cover to secretly obtain the loaded ball or 'crystal'.

While waving the hands mysteriously over the ball on the stand, gently caress it and manage to turn the ball round slightly so that the hole at the back comes to the base, thus allowing the two chemicals to mix and the ball to fill with smoke. Pick up the ball when filled with smoke and while moving away from the table, secretly change it with the one already palmed,, holding the smoke filled ball in the lefr palm.

Blow gently into the hands and the smoke will disperse, giving a pretty effect. Dramatically name the card as you gaze into the crystal and then, to prove that you did actually read it there, pull the 'Card Silk' from ball. Eventually drape the silk over the left hand and incidentally, over the palmed ball, and finally pocket both, placing the visible ball back on the stand. Do not refer to the smoke as such, but to a cloudiness appearing in the crystal.

TWO OF CLUBS By Johnny Geddes

Here is a good gag for the pocket, or if you like, you can make it up for use on the stage with Jumbo Cards.

Take a pack of cards and force the Two of Clubs, The card is returned to the pack, shuffled and placed into the pocket. You now attempt to find the chosen card. Bring out about three cards one at a time, asking if it is the selected card.

After the three "no's" from your victim, bring out another card, holding it face down, at the same time asking him what his card is. He replies "The Two of Clubs". At that, you turn the card over, unfold it saying "There you are, Two Clubs—The Trocadero and the Piccadilly; take your pick". You can, of course, use a couple of the Clubs which are best known in your area.

Merely get two blank cards, hinge them together so as to form a sort of book. On each of the cards have a cut-out photo of a well-known Club.

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