Opening Sequence Using Standard Props

overture and sets a pleasant mood for what you have to offer. Another suitable choice might be "Lady of Spain." Just in case you'd like me to elucidate the rabbit production I originally used, I should tell you that it was similar except that the rabbit was in a red silk held by the four corners. I changed my stick to a red coloured silk and placed it into my hat which was handed to the girl. As I removed my gloves and threw them up in the air to come down on a small parachute, the girl just put the hat behind her back and dropped the silk plus rabbit into the hat. Bundling the gloves and parachute up gave some semblance of a small rabbit. I placed them in the hat and waved my hand over it. Then out came a rabbit which (sometimes) scampered off the stage to a laugh and applause.

Finally if you don't use an assistant you don't need to despair. Look up John Booth's excellent book "Marvels of Mystery" Page 120. There you will find a method of picking up the glasses from the back of a table. In this case you just put the tube onto the tray on your table and nick the glasses as per Booth, from the back.

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