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Vampire ßLACK

I worked this in my own Children's Show for many years, so I can tell you from first hand knowledge that this is the kind of humour the kiddies really appreciate.

The praise we have received and sates to date show how justified we were in making this a FIRST CLASS PRODUCT.

chinese rope rings

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could have a variation on the wonderful Chinese Ring trick Here at long last is your answer.

This effect will literally make the spectators' hair stand on end, with its truly uncanny effect.

Three short pieces of rope are each shown singly. The performer allows a spectator to tie each rope into a circle. As soon as this is done, things start to happen.

In a ghostly kind of way . . . one ring literally seems to dissolve through the other and they are seen to be linked together. Yes he continually links and unlinks all three rings !

No wires, threads, wax, clips or gimmicks. An entirely mechanical effect. You can do it as soon as you receive it, the cleverest idea you've seen for a long time. Can be done within touching distance of spectators, who at the finish can untie the knots again.

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