Open Letter To Robert Harbin

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moved on the tray and even removed from the tray, but allows them to be held as the cloth is jerked from under the glasses Sketch No. 4 shows how the cloth is on the tray. I think you will find this clear, and please tell the boys that manufacturing rights are reserved as I am putting out the trick myself. Incidentally, you must have plastic glasses for this trick. We have them here in the States, but I do not know if you have them over there. I am sure Max can get them if anyone has a problem.

I would like you to see my new Ring Trick and as soon as I get a chance I will drop your rings and routine at the Post Office, but first I must have your address. The one thing i like about the rings, you convince the boys that it is an illusion, and then actually pull one ring through the other. Now they are convinced the ring's a gimmick, and then you hand them out and let them examine them to their heart's content.

Nothing new untii my next letter, and I remain, sincerely yours, until the boys start copying my act and then God help them! as I won't ... I have my own troubles

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