One Guinea Will Be Paid To The Writer Of The Most Feasible Explanation

The decision of the editors shall be final.

From Michel Noayme, Beyrouth, Lebanon.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

We have in Orient a Dr. Dahesh who effects miraculous manifestations without any tricks. Myself and many persons attended to some of these miracles.

Dr. Dahesh effects his miracles in saloons and not on the stage, in full light. These miracles had for object the foundation by Dr. Dahesh of a new religion called Daheshism. He has many adepts and disciples, of whom are the sister of the wife of the ex-president of the Lebanese Republic, Bechara El-Khoury, and her family.

When the sister-in-law of Bechara El-Khoury with her family became daheshists, that man being at that time president of the Lebanese Republic, persecuted Dr. Dahesh and deprived him of his Lebanese nationality. This act was made in violation of the laws and the Lebanese Constitution.

Dr. Dahesh, at that time too, by reprisals, let Bechara El-Khoury become furious insane, and newspapers in Orient, published then, that Dr. Dahesh let Bechara El-Khoury become insane.

I offered myself a big amount to Dr. Dahesh to explain to me any of the manifestations he does. Also very wealthy persons offered him very big sums to explain them anything of the miracles he accomplishes. He always says he has nothing to explain, as these manifestations are not tricks.

If you can explain to me any one of the miracles made by Dr. Dahesh, I am disposed to pay you in advance any amount you wish to have. I enclose a list of some of the extraordinary manifestations made by Dr. Dahesh. I shall be glad to receive your reply soon.

I already wrote to some of your colleagues on this subject, and no one could explain to me even one of these miracles.

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