On Knife

There is little need to describe this well known effect . It is merely offered here as a suggestion for an additional knife trick. Three small pieces of paper are stuck on each side of a knife, then removed one by one and finally reappear. The effect is performed by* twisting the handle of the knife in the manner of the various "paddle" tricks now in the magical market.

A packet of cigarette papers should be carried in the pocket for tearing up and sticking on to the blade of the knife.

effect of the spectator's chancing upon a veritable wonderland.

The programme, as presented, bears a distinct impression of being skilfully composed of two kinds—the first part being devoted to an endless variety of fascinatingly clever smali tricks. Among these may be listed "Birds of the Air"; fishing in the open space; "The Magic Chef"; "Gamboling Spirits"; "An Indian Market Place" in which Virgil delves into many fabled feats at which you have to rub your eyes in wonder. Blossoming of rosebuds, growing the mango tree, creating the enchanted bush, the "Basket Mystery", some Magic with milk and "Weird Execution on Mars", are some pleasant specimens in point. While it is hard to say that numbers like the sawing of a woman into two halves, or the mid-air hanging of the leading lady, however dexterously done, are any new improvements on the old classics, the 'Pipe Dream' and the 'Dematerialization' are really stunning in their execution and sleight—the first being a weird story of a bank note and the second a per-plexingly fast exchange of personalities.

The second half, revealing a psychologically c'ever grasp of the need for mounting tension, reveals the more sensational acts which not only defy imagination but thrills the onlooker to the bone. After some agreeable puzzles like "Wine and Water" and "Torture Mystery" are chicly performed, we come upon a remarkable number which shows Julie, the leading lady, at her best in a feat of psychic enigma, quoting from memory, from slightly behind a blackboard and with almost X-Ray eyes, thirty different words of all denominations, prompted by the house and written on the board by one from their midst. This feat enthralls the onlooker immensely and gives us an idea of how the title of 'America's Sweetheart of Magic' was conferred upon Julie by the widow of the famed Houdini.

Easily the most memorable and sensational illusion performed by Virgil and the best item on the menu is "The Great Cannon Mystery" about which the whole town already talking. Julie, as a human rocket is fired from a cannon into the innermost chamber of a hanging box tied to the dome of the theatre. The act is nothing short of dumbfounding.

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