Number Two Of A New Feature

May I just take this opportunity of assuring readers of "The Magic Magazine" that although I am, by temperament and choice, a "comedy merchant", not all the tit-bits I have to offer will essentially be on those lines. I like serious magic too. as you will see later on, but just to keep the comedy flag flying this month, let us dig out a few bits of business, little bits which, though you may not be a funny man, you can incorporate into your act, just to polish off the dull edges.

Much fun can be had from the first stunt I am passing along, especially if you happen to be at some hotel where a notice is displayed "NO DOGS ALLOWED". Go into the room carrying a small cardboard box which has several air-holes punched in its sides and lid. On one side which you are careful to place in full view, is a label which reads "Puppy Dog".

With the box on the table, after a few seconds the puppy begins to get restless and whine plenty and you appear worried about it. Keep lifting the lid and saying in a stage whisper "Keep quiet, you young rascal". Keep this up and someone will be inquisitive and want to look inside the box.

Keep this up until several people have had a look, in fact, in some posh hotel you may get an officious porter asking you to remove the box, which might just about put the lid on things. Imagine the laugh, however, when, from the box you take a "HOT DOG", in other words a sausage, or string of same ! The puppy whine or bark is made with a small rubber bulb affair (I think Max sells these) which you conceal in your pocket, and then, when squeezed, gives out a noise like a puppy.


Here is a funny gag for the performer who can use this type of material. You require a Card Silk, a pack of cards, and—one of the socks you are wearing needs to have the toe end cut away, so that all of your toes will be exposed when you remove your shoe.

Fold the Card Silk into a compact bundle, (flat), and place it into your sock so that it will lie under the foot and one corner of the silk will be quite close to the toe opening. Put on your shoe and if you have made a neat bundle, there will not be much discomfort.

Force the card which is a duplicate of the one on the silk, have it returned and the pack well shuffled by the spectator. Make several attempts to locate his chosen card, but always produce the wrong one. In disgust ask for the name of the selected card. When the name is announced, pass a comment to the effect that, whenever you attempt this trick you always manage to put your foot in it.

Swing the foot up onto a chair and remove your shoe. Unless I miss my guess, the view of your wiggling toes will bring forth much laughter. Now reach into the sock from the toe end and drag out the card silk, at the same time asking if that was the card chosen.

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