Number Three Of A New Feature

"The Crescent Silk Production"

Here is an effect which I had the pleasure of building for the late Great Ovette. of U.S.A. and he used it in his vaudeville act for many years. You will find it a nice variation from the usual presentation of the tambourine Rings, and is especially useful for the very large sized rings, although, of course the smaller rings may be used just as successfully.

Your first requirement is a stand, built on the lines shown in the illustration. A solid base of whatever design you wish, which base supports a siender pillar, and mounted on this pillar is a cut-out crescent, hence the title.

The inner arc of the crescent is grooved to take the tambourine rings when they are assembled and to hold them upright. The pillar is not as innocent as it would seem, being actually a one inch tube, of light metai, the hole at the top of the tube finishing just below the inner edge of the crescent.

This tube is loaded with the silks you wish to produce from the tambourine, and as they are * pushed in one at a time, the corners are linked with the following silk, so that, in production, each silk will pull out the next one, ready for extraction.

A spectator may be allowed to form the tambourine with the rings and paper, thus proving that the tambourine is free from deception.

(NOTE.—I have discussed this apparatus with Cyro and he readily agrees with me that, in the case of larger rings, it might be an added advantage to have the silks 'delivered' nearer to the centre of the tambourine . To effect this, and make production from the centre of the tambourine, I would suggest an additional tube, nesting inside the pillar. This additional tube would be loaded as above, and all that would be necessary, when the tambourine was in place, would be to move the inner tube up to the centre by means of a small stud, sliding in a groove in the pillar at the back. The production having been made, the tube would be lowered inside the pillar, and out of sight.—George Blake).

only authentic Chinese made dresses are worn. Paul Bessemans, and his charming wife were very welcome visitors at the I.B.M. Convention in Southport recently, and very keenly followed all the activities, although, but like our French, his English is limited. However he made a number of new friends whilst, he was there, and although he has been several times to England before, we look forward to seeing him again at some future function.

There is still time to make this up for your Chi dr en's Programme.

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