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CLIP BOARDS (large) 21/6" HAT COILS (per doz.) 24/-

original front. "How things are going" I would say, "look, even the creases are going" and the right forefinger travelling from left to right would call attention to the fact that now there were only two creases or folds. See Fig. 2.

"The more we unfold the note, the less the creases become" and so saying the note would be unfolded to its full length. "Note now that there only remains, one crease" and even if you hadn't spotted that, the right forefinger travelling along the full length of the fold would call your attention to it. "And here comes the interesting part. Clever as these Chinese are, things sometimes go wrong. Look, everything is just upside-down", and, pushing up the front half of the note with the two thumbs it would be seen that the note, president and all, is upside down.

You older readers know exactly how that last little bit was done, so—do you mind ? Just go on shuffling your cards for a moment while I explain to the younger ones. All the creases were made just as I explained. The top of the note, held horizontally, was folded downwards and creased, the right hand half was folded backwards behind the left hand half. The right hand quarter was folded, as before, behind the left hand quarter, thus giving you almost a square of paper, with four folded edges on top. When unfolding, the back portion was brought round to the front, exactly the reverse of the last move, and then came the sticky business. Refer to the last paragraph where 1 was telling you that "The more we unfold the note, the less the creases become". Immediately I had said that, I BROUGHT THE FRONT HALF OF THE NOTE OVER TO THE RIGHT (see Fig. 2a) not the rear half, and immediately called your attention to the fact that there was now only one fold at the top. Opening up the note I was able to show you that the latter was now upside down.

I do hope that is quite clear, and you card shufflers can now re-join us for a brief resume. It should now be apparent to you all that all reference to the note being the right way up at the start has been avoided. We give the spectator credit for at least some modicum of observation when displaying the note opened out fully, accompanied by comments upon China and her President. Thus we have, we hope, sidestepped some of the anticipation so ruinous to certain effects. Anticipation is one of the thorns in the present-day magicians' side (maybe that is one reason why it is so difficult to perform for magicians, who, however well-

intentioned they may be cannot avoid this bugbear, due, no doubt, to their pre-knowledge of so much in magic) and if, by any means, this anticipation can be scotched, then I think those means justify the end.

Having then fogged the spectator's conclusions as to the coming climax, the next thing to be done is to prevent him from keeping a tag on the way the folds are made, particularly those made from right to left and back again. This, you will notice is accomplished by making one fold, and before going on with the next, some remark is made and a gesture or action with the right fore-finger is carried out, ALWAYS DRAWING ATTENTION TO THE INCREASING, OR DECREASING NUMBER OF FOLDS ON THE TOP. By this means we distract his attention from the folds made at the side, and when we come to the final unfolding, it should be difficult, if not impossible, for the spectator to know whether we unfolded the note in a manner the exact opposite of that in which we folded it. I do hope that is clear and that I have made my point.

At this stage you may say "It's all very well for you. You have a Chinese Note in your possession. I haven't. Can I obtain these notes? If not. what alternative can I use?" I'm afraid I cannot put you on the track of such Chinese Notes, but if you like the effect you will certainly set yourself out to gain possession of a foreign note of some sort. 1 have a German 100.000 Mark Note (no. I am by no means rich !) which I sometimes use. It too has a photogravure on the front, of whom I haven't the faintest idea, but I manage to concoct a story of Germany's financial difficulties and make suitable comments thereto, bringing in the name of Hitler (remember Hitler?) now and again. The same story of the desire to increase revenue applies, and I have no doubt you will be able to 'pick up' a similar note somewhere, if you try.

Until such luck comes your way, you may have to make do with the English Pound or Ten Shilling Note, and even these are easily adapted to the story of the desire to make money. To help you there is, on each type of note a picture of Britannia and some reference to the picture itself will serve to register in the mind of the spectator, without calling direct attention to it, the fact that the note is the right way up. Maybe a few gags or quips would help and they would certainly pad out the presentation.

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