!t has come to the attention of the Theatre-Manager that some Magis have been dying on the job, and either neglecting or refusing to fall over. This practice must cease forthwith. Any Magi found dead on the job in an upright position will be immediately dropped from the Circle. In future, if the Manager notices that any Magi has made no movement in his act for a psriod of ten minutes, it will be his duty to investigate as it is almost impossible to distinguish between death and the natural movements of some Magicians.

Theatre managers are to make careful investigation. Holding a £1 note in front of the suspected corpse is considered the most reliable test.

There have been, however, cases where natural instinct has been so deep'y ingrained that the hand of the corpse has made a spasmodic pass even after rigor mortis has set in

A Pocket Baffler by TREVINI

Many so-cailed pocket tricks need prelim.nary preparations; but here is one that is ever ready, and appears to be the last word in innocence. It also lends itseif to several presentations.

The magician drops a ball bearing into a small (examined) tube. The ball is distinctly heard to fall. The tube is then instantly Lfted to show that the ball has entirely vanished. If the performer wishes it can be made to reappear from somewhere or other.

The tube is handed out for examination again, but the audience is no wiser, for the working relies on a small feke, which has been secretly palmed away.

The so innocent looking tube has two coloured bands, one around each end. The feke consists of a small ring (the same width as the band around the end of the tube) which fits snugly over the end of the tube. In other words, the appearance of the tube remains unaltered by the addition of the feke. A piece of 'Selotape' is stretched across the bottom of the feke (see diagram). This is, incidently the fundamental 'worker' of the whole trick, for the ball bearing, when dropped inside the tube, immediately adheres to this quite fiercely. In fact, the tube can actually be turned upside down and shaken and yet the ball will not come unstuck. If you turn the tube over slowly and deliberately in front of your audience like this, you will see many knowing smiles rapidly changing to looks of bewilderment.

The feke is easily palmed away as the tube is transferred from one hand to the other, before tossing it out for examination. Need I add that re-appearance of the ball is accomplished by means of a duplicate?

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