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Do not confuse this with anything you have read about before, because this model is as different as chalk from cheese, to anything else. First, read the effect and then we'll tell you about the apparatus we are so proud of.

The performer borrows a treasury note and folding it to a very small size, places an elastic band round it and wraps it up in a handkerchief . A member of the audience is allowed to hold the note through the hanky, whilst the performer draws attention to a little tube standing in full view on his table.

The object of the experiment, he says, is to make the note vanish from the hanky and appear in the tube. He even asks the audience if they would like it to go visibly or invisibly. To the usual by-play he makes the magic pass, whereon he whips the handkerchief away from the spectator and it is seen to be quite empty. The note really has VANISHED.

The spectator is allowed firstly to undo a long screw which runs through the cap of the tube to further secure it. After this the cap itself is unscrewed, and he sees something inside. Shaking the tube allows a note to drop out, still with the elastic band on. We forgot to tell you that the loaner of the note has either signed his initials on it or taken the number.

When the note is undone by the original spectator IT IS FOUND TO BE THE ORIGINAL ONE WHICH WAS BORROWED ! !

There are several things you must remember, viz.:

The performer draws the audience attention to the tube, but does not go near it.

Only the spectator touches the tube and identifies the note.

The whole effect is almost entirely MECHANICAL

completely baffling and foolproof.

Can be performed with people right next to you.

Tube is handed round for examination.

The tube itself is hand-turned on a lathe, out of solid brass, and is built to last a life-time. Size 3ins. by

A very limited number available. Several leading performers are using those we made in our first batch, but did not advertise.

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