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This my friends is not a wonderful illusion as performed before the crowned heads of the world, (not even before Mr. Churchill —was Prime Minister) but a simple effect for use when ever the time comes for you to show the lay men at your party just what a wonderful magician you really are ? ? ? ?

Effect is just as I describe it here.

Magician shows a normaf balloon to all present, and then he takes it and places it against the wall, where to the amazement? of those watching, the balloon stays put as if stuck to fhe wall with glue.

Performer then takes the balloon from the wall and hands it out for inspection, yet on taking the balloon back once more ir is made to stick to the wall. He then offers to let some one else try to do the same effect, but no matter how much they try they can't do it. (You hope?).

Weil as I have said already this is not the sort of effect you can do on the stage but is a handy thing to know for the time when it might prove handy at a party etc. Really it needs no preparation and can be done with almost any type of balfoon of the oblong shape, these having more gripping surface when you come to place the balloon to the wall.

Also a fact worth noting is that the modelling balloons now on the market are about the best sort of balloon for this effect. You can also make the balloon stick to any surface such as glass, wood, cloth, or if you're feeling athletic, or are over 7 feet tall? you can p'ace the balloon on to the ceiling.

Now we come to the secret of this simple but effective trick, it is based on a static electricity experiment which is unknown to quite a few magicians, let alone laymen, so if you have a balloon handy try this little experiment.

Rub the balloon up and down your pullover a few times and then you should find that it will adhere to the wall.

Then if you will do as I did you will find, with practice it is quite an easy matter to know just when the "power" has worn off so that you can hand out the balfoon for inspection and tell some one else to have a try. I don't think that I really need add that you rub the balloon on your pulfover out of sight of those to whom you are presenting the effect.

Well that's it. May not be a great illusion, but I think that you should have fun with it as I have.

Ochini's Bottle and Silk Trick

Displaying a beer bottfe, the performer drops it into a paper bag and then proceeds to blow the bag up. Bursting the bag with a loud bang, a large silk is withdrawn from the bottom of the bag and the bottle has disappeared.

A latex beer bottle (or even a milk bottie) is required and the requisite silk. The latter is tucked into the base of the bottle. A paper bag is slightly prepared by making a score with a razor blade along the bottom, but care must be taken not to cut right through the paper. The idea of the score is to make sure that the bag will burst at the bottom.

The bottle may either be produced or taken from the table. The bag is shown to be empty, then the bottle dropped inside and the neck of the bag twisted ready for blowing up. With the bag blown up, the fingers holding the bag also manage to get a hold on the neck of the bottle and then the bottom of the bag is given a blow with the opposite open hand.

Through the hole in the bag, the siik is produced and displayed and the bag screwed into a ball and thrown aside, to be recovered later. The secret and the working may seem very simple, as indeed they are, but the effect creates a great impression upon an audience.

"&xwuf QlitteHwingA"

A Children's Effect Using the Vampire 'Multiplying Lighted Candle'


For those who like the idea of using the Vampire multiplying [ighted candle as part of a children's effect here is my own routine for it. To commence here is the complete run through, with patter.

"This, children, is the story of Fairy Glitterwings. Perhaps you don't know but every house has a good fairy who watches over and protects those who live in it. Fairy Glitterwings had a rather special place to watch over—no jess than the King's castle". (Indicate castie, q.v.)

"Now in this castle lived four princesses. They were all very beautiful and each had a prince who loved her dearly, and when all were asleep in the castle they used to each take a candle and steal down the back stairs to meet their prince.

"One day, while Fairy Glitterwings was flying around the castle she overheard the Queen talking to the King about the princesses. She was asking the King whether he noticed how the princesses looked pale on one morning a week, and how the candle of each princess was burnt low. In fact, she said, it was as though the princesses had been out very very late the night before.

"The Queen made a plan; instead of giving each princess a candle she would give them one for all four. So she hid all the candles in the castle except one.

"Now Fairy Glitterwings thought it was time to lend a hand so she took the candle (take candle from holder) and placed it in a little black bag she had with her (place in changing bag) and waved her magic wand. Then she took it out and placed it where the other had been.

"The same evening the four princesses came for their candles and the Queen took the single candle, lit it, and gave it to them. She did not know of course that Fairy Glitterwings had made it a "magic candle' ". (Light multiplying candle).

"The four princeses went back to their bedroom and sat round their single candle, with long faces. 'How can we all use one candle?' said one. So they talked on, then one of them said suddenly—'Why look—the candle hasn't burnt down at all since it was lit'.

"They gathered round it. 'Why this must be the work of Fairy Glitterwings', said one of the princesses. But they still had only one candle.

"Meanwhile, Fairy Glitterwings who was a hard-working fairy, was busy helping a fairy friend in the town. She was very fond of the princesses and so, besides the magic candle, she left something else, as well.

"A little while later one of the princesses saw something glittering on the dressing table. She walked over and found—yes, it was Fairy Glitterwings fan (show same) and on it was a little note.

"Eagerly the princesses read the note. 'Why', said one, 'how kind of Glitterwings to leave her fan—her magic fan'. 'Let's see,' said another. 'It says here if we are in trouble to open the fan and gently wave it!' 'I know what', said still another, 'let us see if we can use it on the candle' " (Pick up candle in right hand, then fan with the left hand— which opens it).

"Then, one of them held the candle behind the fan, waved it, and out came—yes, two candles! 'Oh please make another', said the youngest princess—'and another', said the next youngest. And so it was done, four candles, one for each". (Multiply to four candles).

"With eager steps the princesses took a candle each and went to see their princes.

"When they came back they opened the fan and, once again, the four candles became one. Then they blew out the flame and went to sleep. One of the princesses hid the candle very carefully". (Place candle behind castle, q.v.)

"In the morning the Queen came down very early to see what had happened the night before. The four princesses got up and stood in a row before her. The Queen's eagle eye soon spotted the absence of the candle. 'Where is the candle?' she asked sternly. There was no reply. 'If you do not tell me you will all have bread and water for dinner!' she said.

"The youngest princess burst into tears and, because she was frightened, ran to a corner and brought out the candle". (Bring out normal candle).

'Ah', said the Queen as she looked to see if it was burnt down low—but it wasn't. It was hardly burnt down at all! The Queen looked suspiciously at the candle and the princesses felt sure they would loose the magic candle, but the fairy magic only lasts a certain time and the candle was now just an ordinary one again" (Break it into three, to prove it).

" 'You had better dress now', said the Queen and stalked haughtily from the room. As she passed down the corridor outside she would have heard (if she had listened very carefully indeed) a tiny tinkling laugh. Yes, it was Fairy Glitterwings back again in the castle, and as the Queen's footsteps died away Glitterwings swooped from a cobweb, where, she had been sitting high up near the ceiling, grabbed her fairy fan from the dressing tab!e and flew off again to play with the butterflies in the castle gardens".

Having told the story, now for the modus operandi. The Vampire Multiplying Candle is in its candlestick, and the whole is standing on a piece of square wood 6" x 6" with a cardboard cut-out castle affixed in a groove (or hinged) to the back. The card is covered with stone brick paper purchased at hobby shops (see Fig. 1).

The bag into which Fairy Glitterwings places the candle is the normal changing-bag, the multiplying candle being in there before hand.

The wand should not be dispensed with as it gives a really fine touch to the whole thing. Mine is made of a piece of dowling 18 inches long, with a silver star on the end, let into the wood. (See Fig. 2). The dowel is wrapped round with silver paper strip and from just beneath the star hang two lengths of tinsel.

The fairy fan is just a small one, easily purchased, except that a few additions of gold or silver "glitter" to it helps. The movements behind the fan as you multiply the candles are shown in Fig. 3. These movements are reversed when the candles are reduced again to one.

The reason for multiplying the candles behind the fan is to encourage the idea of fairy magic at work—epitomised by the fairy's fan.

Behind the castle is a small folding flap which holds an ordinary candle. The multiplying one is placed there when the princesses return to their beds. It is subsequently disposed of when the castle is removed, the ordinary candle being brought out and broken as mentioned. (See Fig 4).

The idea of having a small fairy doll, as seen on the top of a Christmas tree, occurred to me as a tangible Fairy Glitterwings which the youngsters could actually see. If used it would be affixed by a small clip to the top of the castle and removed as necessary during the story.

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